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What if we could learn about the early explorers while crossing the Atlantic? How would it feel to read The Hobbit in a misty round-doored village or paint with watercolors in Monet’s gardens? At Audacity Life Learning, we actually make the world our classroom because we believe that bold choices in education will transform our children into enthusiastic life-learners.  


Whether you’re a full time worldschooler seeking community and a literature-themed immersive experience in an exciting location, or you're a public school family looking for a local event or more meaningful family trip, be bold and try something different with Audacity Life Learning!


"Books and doors are the same thing. You open them, and you go through into another world."

Jeanette Winterson


If our children love wizards, let's give them a potions class where they can don pointy caps while getting excited about chemistry. If they’re reading a book set in the arctic, let's build igloos while learning the history of the Inuit.

Audacity Events are designed with an immersive approach to learning. Imagine the moment when a child walks through the gates of a theme park to see a previously fictional character in real life. Magic lights up their eyes! The same kind of magic can happen when we take a book and bring it to life with hands on activities and real-world connections. 




Our Worldwide Events are carefully curated to pair the setting of a select book to a far-away destination. The immersive spaces assure enduring experiences with literature, connecting people to places and cultures around our world.


If you’re based in Central Oregon, lucky you! We also have made this beautiful place our home base. When we aren’t traveling the world we host literature-themed local events right here. These events are full of hands-on fun and learning all centered around a specific book or two. Think of it as the coolest book club ever! We find ways to teach science, writing, history and more while we appreciate beautiful books together. 


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