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Hello & Welcome

Let me tell you about our audacious educational journey.

I’m an enthusiastic worldschooling mom and I’m excited to share this adventure with you.

After retiring from law practice and 10 years of teaching law, my experience planning literature-themed worldschool events started a few years ago with a simple trip to Boston, where a pop-up book of the Freedom Trail transformed our trip.

With my Bachelor's degree in language arts teaching as a foundation, I have discovered that combining books and travel for a more immersive approach to learning has led to incredible family adventures. Some of our favorite experiences have included: 

  • Reading about sea creatures and then searching for them while snorkeling in Maui

  •  Studying the paintings of Monet and then painting our own watercolors in his gardens at Giverny

  • Pouring over books about Gustave Eiffel and then climbing his famous tower

  • Reading Hugo at night in a Paris flat and then visiting his huge clock inside the Musee D’Orsay in the morning

  • Learning about the early explorers and then following their route on a transatlantic cruise

  • Reading the opening lines of The Hobbit next to a hobbit hole in the misty mountains of Guatemala

  • Sitting next to William Wallace's sword while reading a picture book about his epic battles

  • Visiting Elephant Island in the Antarctic and listening to Endurance about Ernest Shackleton and his crew's fight for survival in that very spot

As a family, we have discovered the joy in this style of learning and we want you to join us! Adventuring together with like-minded explorers brings a new level of magic to family education.

If you can allow yourself the pleasure of jumping inside some of the most magnificent books in some of the world's most beautiful locations, I promise you a bold new learning experience making cross-subject connections, finding new cultural understanding, and discovering the power of immersive group learning. 




Owner, Audacity Life Learning

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