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Aug/Sept 2023: Wizarding Tour of the U.K.

Our Wizarding Tour of the U.K. was delightful . . . dare I say . . . Magical? Spellbinding? Charming?

We levitated.

We cared for creatures.

We studied botany in the Royal Botanical Gardens.

We laughed, made movies, drank butterbeer, played countless games of capture the flag, shared wizards' afternoon tea, and walked the streets of London and Edinburgh together.

We rode trains . . . so many trains . . . including the historic Jacobite Steam train, better known as the Hogwarts Express.

When we weren't walking, riding in trains, or flying broomsticks (yes really!), we were gliding along a Loch in the highlands.

While owls didn't deliver anything for us, we did get to hold and fly them.

We mixed potions in cauldrons, drank glittery concoctions, shot rockets, and learned the science behind it all.

We painted watercolors in our monster books and kept all our fingers.

We saw so many sites we had only imagined in our minds or seen on silver screens.

And at the end of it all we just hugged it out and felt glad for new borderless friendships.

As one little witch told another on the last day "See you in another part of the world!

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